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What is the Meaning of Chien Kun ?

The term, ǬÀ¤Chien Kun, originated from the Ò×½›I CHING (the Book of Changes) , which is an original resource in the Chinese Culture. In its simplicity, ǬChien means Heaven, À¤Kun means Earth. In terms of Chi (energy), Chien is yang energy, indicating movement and life. Kun is yin energy, indicating stillness and formation. The energy of the cosmos has movement as well as stillness, with both life and formation. All beings and substances are thus cultivated without cessation.

The Spirit of Chien: ¡¸×ÔŠ²»Ï¢¡¹
Strengthen one's faith and never cease pursuing Tao, to be a Jun Zi (¾ý×Ó£ºa virtuous person).

The Virtue of Kun: ¡¸ºñµÂÝdÎ
Being magnanimous and tolerant, thus able to encompass all matters.

If one can combine the virtues of Chien and Kun, unite the yin and yang harmoniously within oneself, proceed with momentum or tranquility in the proper timing, one will be able to be continually active in creation and self-development. Then each day is a process of renewal.

ǬChien symbolizes the following:
heaven, sky, movement of the sky,
yang energy, pure yang, strength,
creation, vitalization, inspiration,
man, father, head, take charge, horse, etc.

À¤Kun symbolizes the following:
earth, stillness, stability, cohesion, preservation,
yin energy, pure yin, woman's virtue, maternity,
tranquility, softness, conformability, magnanimity,
woman, mother, supportive, stomach, cow, etc.