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To pay tribute to, and honor the history of Chinese Americans, and their great contribution in building the transcontinental railroad, *CKF and *ATC will hold a series of events for the public during the Asian American Heritage Month of May in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Events Highlight
Cantonese Classes & a mini-exhibition of Chinese-American History.
Cantonese 101: Every Saturday 2:45-3:45pm
Cantonese 102: Every 1st and 3rd Saturday 1-2pm

A book signing to meet with Daniel Ostrow,
the enthusiastic author of the new book,
Manhattan's Chinatown.
April 26, 2008, SAT, 3-6 pm
Manhattan Chinatown by Daniel Ostrow.pdf

Movie showings - My 1919
May 4, 2008, SUN, 1pm/3pm/5pm

Documentary: Becoming American- The Chinese Experience
Part I - May 7, 2008, WED, 7-9 pm
Part II - May 14, 2008, WED, 7-9 pm
Part III - May 21, 2008, WED, 7-9 pm

Returning to the Chinese Ancient Capital of Xi'an ---
A Presentation of 2008 China Learning Tour
and Jackie Chan's Movie: The Myth
May 10, 2008, SAT, 3-6 pm, Silkroad Place

Chinese-American Heritage Party
May 28, 2008, WED, 6:30-9pm

And more!!!!

The programs are being held by Chien Kun Foundation (CKF is a self-funded and non-for-profit cultural organization) and are in collaboration with "A Tribute to the Cantonese-Toisan Cultural Program (ATC)". Other organizations are very much welcomed to join in this collaborative effort.
All the above events are free of admission. Everyone is welcome! Donations are encouraged to support this self-funded program.

A detailed schedule of events, visit Please contact
Ms. Su Tam at 646-331-7207 or email for further information. Sponsored by Silkroad Place, 30 Mott Street, Manhattan's Chinatown, New York.
May 2008 Calendar

5/3 Cantonese Class
1-2 PM, 2:45-3:45PM

5/4 Film ëŠÓ°:
My 1919 ÎÒµÄ1919
1:00, 3:00 & 5:00 pm

5/7 Film ëŠÓ°:
Becoming American (part I)
The Chinese Experience

5/10 ÖØ»ØhÌÆ- Hello X'ian
2008Î÷°²,ÄãºÃ! 3-6 pm
Film ëŠÓ°:
The Myth ÉñÔ’ 6-8 pm
Cantonese Class

5/11 ¿××Ó¡¶Õ“ÕZ¡·WÁ••þ
Practical Analects 5-7PM

5/14 Film ëŠÓ°:
Becoming American (part II)
The Chinese Experience

5/17 Cantonese Class
1-2 PM, 2:45-3:45PM
Eat a Bowl of Tea 4-6pm

5/21 Film ëŠÓ°:
Becoming American (part III) The Chinese Experience

5/24 Cantonese Class

5/28 Chiness-American Heritage Party

5/31 Cantonese Class
All Events are taking place at Chienkun Domain @ Silkroad Place

30 Mott Street, NewYork City. Tel:646-331-7207

Chinese Heritage Events at Silkroad in Manhattan's Chinatown
Silkroad Place, 30 Mott Street, NYC